Making Descansos

A Heavy Weight
February 20, 2007, 2:10 am
Filed under: Vale Darryl


The weight of his coffin
is bearing down on me
This morning
I did not want
to get out of bed
Did not want to face
the world alone.

I have to put the coffin
Shift the weight
Hoping that the
will lighten with time

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Ah Heather dearest. If only I could be there with you.

Comment by soulsister

I am here, but I am also with you, my dearest Heather. I only have kind words to offer and a hand to hold.

Blessings and hugs,

Comment by lunagirl

Thank you Edith and Luna. Your arms reached out are a balm.

Comment by Heather Blakey

with arms linked across the waters we are all with you, in admiration of what you are creating here and to comfort you from the pain that such creating is causing you

Comment by Traveller

thanks Carol. It is causing pain as I dress and redress the wound but some tiny signs of healing are appearing and your support is helping.

Comment by Heather Blakey

I know that weight Heather, it IS okay to put it down
and it’s very okay to ask for help in carrying it.
Love from
Anita Marie

Comment by Anita Marie

Your right Anita Marie. It is okay and I am getting a lot of help here. The place has been just wonderful and has been the retreat and sanctuary I envisioned when I began to create it. It is a real safety net.

Comment by Heather Blakey

A post full of realism, Heather.

Comment by imogen88

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