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Host a Murder
February 12, 2007, 3:18 am
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Christmas in Australia is synonymous with summer holidays. For lots of Australians Christmas is held in camping grounds, in parks and at beaches around the country. For years a group have gathered at Narooma. This group engages in lots of nonsense. Hosting a murder was just one piece of nonsense.

Narooma Nonsense


At Narooma in 2002 our group of campers, who annually camp on the cliff overlooking the ocean at the Surf Beach Caravan Park, joined in to play a host of murder. We prepared for days, with furtive visits to the local charity shop to purchase our evening wear. We had dinner under our awning and played the night away.

It has been an annual custom for me to provide an ice-cream cake. Themes have varied and included The Sinking of the Titanic, Who Killed Barbie, Death by Chocolate. On this occasion, given Luella’s untimely fate drinking hot chocolate, fellow camper, Jean Liggett and I found sixteen china cups at the second hand shop and filled them with ‘hot chocolate’. The cups were filled with chocolate ice-cream, chocolate mousse and had lashings of cream and more chocolate on top. They were stored in a cabin-van (thank goodness every one in our group is not a hardy tent dweller) freezer until the right moment, when the identity of the murderer was finally revealed.

You do not have to be Australian or camping at Narooma to play, but if you are holidaying with a group, or having a group gathering this summer, you can be certain that this murder mystery is a lot of fun.

As a family we spent over fifteen years holidaying at Narooma.