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Lemurian Resting Place





Helen, Greg and I took Darryl to the place he had asked to rest in. The Stoney Creek, within an hour of Melbourne, gurgles through remnants of old Lemuria. We all agreed that this is the perfect resting place.

Fly free Darryl!
September  2007

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Rest in Peace, a beautiful and treasured place. Fran

Comment by Fran

A perfect spot.

Comment by lorigloyd

Beautiful piece of Lemuria for Darryl, Heather.

Comment by imogen88

the perfect resting place indeed where sunlight dapples the water and the water gurgles over the stones

Comment by traveller

I can feel his essence in this magical place even through the photos. A beautiful resting place of peace.

Comment by espirit07

It is indeed a lovely place. Darryl will rest happily there.

Comment by Vi

A perfect place for your Darryl. So peaceful for you and your family to know he is resting here where he wished to be.

Comment by porchsitter

I can share with Heather,Greg and Helen their love of Stoney Creek
It is indeed the perfect place for Darryl to rest after the good fight and bravery he endured with Cancer.
Many years ago we went there as a group of writers with Heather,we took our lunch and some nice wine and sat on the side of the creek to “Write for Well Being”
It being a place of contenment ,familiarity,love of the terrain being part of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range .
As a small child to my teenage years I had all my holidays not far from Stoney Creek
at a place called Whittlesea where my Maternal G/Father had an old property perched on a hill where we could look accross to this magnificient range.
An Old house he called Necton after the village in Norfolk.U.K where he was born.
It is as Heather often says syncronicity that draws many of us to these places…Like my friend Darryl I too loved this area of quiet beauty with its slow flowing creek and special quietness…..
I think it is important to remember those we love dearly over a period of time and in stages …this way they move away slowly as we remember them ,not quickly but in a loving way ,it can be painful but also healing for us to do this.

Rest Peacefully my Dearest Friend..Love Lois & Jessie Dog.x.x
Friday 6th September 2007.

Comment by lois daley

This is so beautiful Heather. An oasis of calm and peace. A sacred place indeed.

Comment by soulsister

what a beautiful place to rest Heather. Having spent many many hours of my own childhood with the great divide forming what now seems like my own backbone, i can fully understand why this place resonates so deeply with you and why you would have chosen it for Daryl.
love xo

Comment by sammiam

Thank you so much everyone. It is a very beautiful place. The only down side is that after since letting go and freeing Darryl I feel quite desolate and alone. Now the challenge is to care more for myself and to learn what I need to do to feel nurtured and nourished.

Comment by Heather Blakey

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