Making Descansos

Band of Eternity


My hand is naked
The rings that united us
Cut off
leaving a deep impression
a trough of grief
etched in my hand

My naked hand
sent concentric ripples
of pain
throughout my body
completing a seperation
that began seven years ago
culminating with death

In Baba’s mortar and pestle
the artisan grinds my gold bands
using a circular motion
she prepares
makes ready
the diamond
a new band for eternity

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The design sounds just perfect. Am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Comment by Traveller

Sounds just perfect.

Comment by imogen88

A great idea… a keepsake that will keep you and Darryl together forever.

Comment by Vi

Waht a beautiful and tender idea. So precious.

Comment by soulsister

This sounds stunning! Dear Raven companions: bringer of the light. May they bring you strength, peace and comfort.

Comment by lunagirl

It sounds beautiful and perfect for you, Heather.

Comment by Robin

Mourning jewlery was a tradition- an important one because of what rings ( and even watches ) represent to us. Still, having these crafted will take a bit of energy from you- just shout if you need some passed your way.

Love From
Anita Marie

Comment by Anita Marie

My heart goes out to you…and what a lovely idea for the jewelry. We have ashes from my husband’s parents and step-mother and have only scattered them. Now you’ve given me the idea to use some of his step-mother’s (who I lived with for 6 months) in some of my pottery- she was an artist too. Thank you, Heather and please know that in this world, your world, your grief and loss is recognized.

Comment by marimann

Sending you blessings

Comment by peacebird

What beautiful way to stay close to your Darryl. Blessings and peace be with you.

Comment by shewolfy728

Hold fast to memory yet live each day as he would have you live, welcome the sun and walk toward the gentle dusk surrounded by the love he gave you. Fran

Comment by Fran

Mourning jewelry is such an important part of our lives. I’m sorry it’s not done much any more. I have a brooch that includes my great-grandmother’s hair as a tiny braid, mixed with gold thread, in the bezel. There is a great sense of connection in the jewelry we choose and wear. May it bring you comfort and deep union.

Comment by Quinn McDonald

What a powerful healing ritual for you and Darryl. I hope it brings you solace and comfort.

Comment by Julie

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