Making Descansos

Stallion and Mare



When I was the Mayor of Fitzroy it was still not common for a woman to hold such a position. Sometimes when we were introduced some hapless person would fall victim to Darryl’s legendary humour.

When the unsuspecting individual referred to me as the Mayoress Darryl would correct them and point out that he was actually the Mayoress. Then he would go for the kill and make a remark about my being the ‘mare’ and him being the stallion. Needless to say this caused much mirth and uproar.

At least I got to wear the ermine and gold chains. It was a great costume! No wonder I still have fancies of being Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

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Wonderful pic! The memories are all, aren’t they!!!???

Comment by imogen88

( I will Love him always) – Lois (Muse of the Sea)

Comment by lois daley

You all have such great traditions down there. I’d love to see my mayor in ermin and chains.

Comment by Lori

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