Making Descansos

The Waiting Rooms


not a noun
but an adjective
describing the place
I sit waiting
waiting, hoping
that he will be
one of the
seventy percent
whose cancer responds

join the queue
welcome to the
suffering of
human kind

It is the waiting that really gets to you. How to fill in one’s time during the long waiting hours? I pack a bag and take a pen, my journals, a magazine and a book but it is a bit like taking these things with me when I go to the beach. I am distracted and cannot concentrate and I end up staring at the silent walls, wondering. Sometimes I journey off into another world. Every so often the fog that surrounds me is pierced by and idea and something emerges on the page. This is from my ‘Waiting Room’ journal.

If The World’s A Stage

If the world is a stage and I am a player
would the director of this ruddy melodrama
in which I have taken a lead role
for five long years
please find a replacement.

If the world is a stage and I am a player
would the director of this theatre troupe
acknowledge that I have done melodrama
and Greek Tragedy very well and need a turn
at some light hearted romantic comedy.

If the world is a stage and I am a player
I am officially happy to enter by the front door and
Be ushered to the best seats in the house where I could sit
Munching popcorn and slurping coke
While someone else struts their stuff

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Amen. Sometimes I think this can’t be my life…it must belong to someone else please God let it belong to someone else and let me have a different one. But alas this is my life.

Comment by melodysadams

I hope to share popcorn with you someday, Heather. Until then we will both be on the stage.
Barbara Fahrenbach

Comment by bfahrenbac

We will some day hence darling,
Sit and watch that comedy you desire
We will see the places once again
that you and Darryl travelled to,
laughed and shared so much joy
fun and sometimes frustration
We will again bring back the
“Water of Delphi”
Which Darryl told me probably came from
the tap
at the wash room
We will laugh again
at all the myths you shared
on those months of travelling.
I will loan you
my ” Witch on a broomstick”
you brought back for me
I am sure it will as the ravens do
“Keep you safe”.

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 23.2.07

Comment by lois daley

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