Making Descansos

Wedding May 11 1974

Darryl Blakey and I were married on the 11th of May 1974. Our thirty third anniversary would have taken place this year. We had been together since 1969 when I was just nineteen. Our wedding was such a happy day. Everyone remembered it as one of the happiest weddings they had been to.


Darryl and Heather


Those were the days of the mini skirts and hot pants. Jean Shrimpton had shocked all of Australia by wearing a very short mini at the Melbourne Cup. Here we are leaving the reception, married at last.

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Heather, you look so very happy and the mini-skirt is SO you! 🙂

Comment by lorigloyd

What a great day you guys must have had.
Anita Marie

Comment by Anita Marie

Lovely my dear: and a reminder that my own daughter used to hem up my dresses for school, my daughter is four inches taller than me! How ancient you make me feel!
I am so glad to see you gathering precious memories together. Fran

Comment by Frances Sbrocchi

What a beauty! Hollywood here we come!

Comment by imogen88

What a gorgeous couple! 🙂

Comment by Robin

What a happy memory. And the mini skirt is so you. Bob and I were married two years after you. Amazing the similarities. Heather, you are often in my thoughts and I send you a missive of peace and gentle rest. Your tribute to Darryl is nothing short of magnificent.

Comment by bfahrenbac

Thank you for sharing these with us all, Heather. Wow, check you out in a mini-skirt! People are right, it looks utterly perfect on you! And, oh, bless the ’70’s, lol…I’m looking at the sideburns from a groomsman there on the left. 🙂

I think you’re doing such a wonderful thing for yourself here, sharing your love of Darryl here, walking through the memories, healing as you do, I’m hoping. May this Descansos bring you peace, inner, total peace.

Comment by cuoredellaluna

wjhat a lovely wedding photo, the two of you look positively glued together in the most positive sense. the body language is all about being part of one whole and it is a marvel, how very lcuky you both should have had such a relationship, it is rare.

Comment by aletta

You are a beautiful couple. It is so rare for a couple who comes together so young to last. Quite an accomplishment. karen

Comment by amazonratz

we were married in 1975 and I was still wearing mini-skirts too

Comment by traveller2006

Heather love,
You were a beatiful bride, now a beautiful woman of accomplishment.

I am not ashamed to say that I am leaking all over my face, the love on your faces moved me that deeply.

Lovem hugs and kisses,

Comment by gwenguin1

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