Making Descansos

Young Love


As a young, first year out teacher, I was, like so many other young teachers in the 1970’s, sent to teach in a country school. I boarded with Mrs Orford in Wangaratta. I drove home in my little green Mini Minor each weekend but every week Darryl and I would write to one another

Sometimes my love came riding up the Hume Highway to see me.



At his funeral service Darryl’s closest friend laughed remembering Darryl talking about going for one of the best rides when I rode pillion. No small irony that I rode pillion one last time, leading the hearse.


Now I see my son ride in the back gates on his motor bike and it could be his father. They look so alike!


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These are lovely memories!

Comment by imogen88

This is such a wonderful thing you’re doing, Heather. A tribute to your love.

Comment by Robin

You never forget that sound do you?
You know, the sound of the engine.
It’s a sweet memory.
Anita Marie

Comment by Anita Marie

To find yourself through love is a gift. As it is to see your love in the face of your son.

Comment by Quinn McDonald

“Ah sounds are memorie”
more than faces
more than photos
more than mementos
more than gifts
I know this to be so….
like you Darling with roar of the bike
being readied for travelling
I hear music – Jazz music-
radio on all day
all night
Jazz features in the early morning
the late night
even on weekends
And this Sunday I will
attend a Jazz concert with
a friend Helen
who has 2 free tickets.
This will be my first Jazz concert
in 10 years.
How will I feel?
will I remember Mac?
I will be sad for a little while perhaps
But I will not be angry
for having missed so many other
concerts since 1996.
I will enjoy the day
I will remember the songs
I will know his favourite ones
over the last 40 years ………

Lois (muse of the sea) 23.2.07

Comment by lois daley

tears in my eyes…I love you sweet Heather!

Big Hug,

Comment by lunagirl

Hi Heather,

This must be so therapeutic for you to recall all these memories. Well done.


Comment by soultide

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